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Land Management Institute of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine is a state research institution which purpose is to ensure the formation of a new strategy for the development of land relations and the models and mechanisms of rational land use and land protection, the involvement of land resources in economic circulation and their capitalization. Among the important tasks of the Institute are the development of technologies for the formation of digital spatial, statistical and administrative data and the transition to a digital model of the economy.
In order to successfully achieve these goals, the Institute carries out a full range of research, design, survey, land evaluation and topographical and geodetic activities using all modern technologies.


There the Academic Council and two research departments as part of Land Management Institute of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine :

  • Department of Problems of Land Development and Land Cadastre;
  • Department of Experimental Land Use Planning “Innovation Center”.

The Institute is part of the Agrarian Economics and Food Branch of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine .


Research activities

Research activities

The Institute carries out research in the field of land relations, in particular:

  • Development of directions and mechanisms for institutional support of regulation of land relations and land management, legal and ecological methods of land administration.
  • Development of a new paradigm and methodological framework for land use economics, spatial planning and land formation.
  • Development of state and industry standards in the spheres of land management, land cadastre, land conservation and sustainable land use.
  • Development of strategic and short-term economic forecasts of land use changes
  • Scientific, practical, consulting and informational and analytical assistance to enterprises, institutions and organizations for the sustainable use of land resources.
  • Land market monitoring
  • Scientific topics:
  • Institutional principles of land management development in the process of economic modernization;
  • Theoretical and methodological principles of improving the land management system of the territories of united territorial communities;
  • Theoretical and methodological principles of land management organization of organic agriculture;
  • Theoretical and methodological principles of improving the land management system of agricultural enterprises;
  • Improvement of legislative and normative-legal maintenance of settlement of land relations;
  •П Дослідження колізії чинного законодавства щодо повноважень органів виконавчої влади та органів місцевого самоврядування у сфері охорони і раціонального використання земель;
  • Scientific principles of transformation of degraded and unproductive agricultural lands in private ownership;
  •П Theoretical and methodological principles of improving the land cadastre system in Ukraine;
  •П Scientific principles of classification of purpose and types of land use;
  •ПScientific principles of classification of regime-forming objects and restrictions in land use maintained by the State Land Cadastre;
  •П Research of establishment and change of borders of territories of rural communities and rural settlements;
  •П Scientific principles of land zoning according to the legal regime of use;
  •П Scientific bases of spatial planning of development of rural territories in the process of land management;
  •П Institutional bases of formation and functioning of land capital of rural territories;
  •П To substantiate the institutional principles of sustainable use planning and protection of agricultural lands;
  •П Develop scientific and methodological principles of strategic environmental assessment in the field of land management;
  •П Scientific principles of land consolidation in the process of reforming land relations;
  •П Scientific bases of land management design on ecological and economic substantiation of crop rotations and land management;
  •П Substantiation of land distribution (redistribution) by purpose and types of use in the land use system;
  •П Theoretical and methodological principles of creation and implementation of the National Infrastructure of Geospatial Data;
  •П Information and analytical support of land resources management;
Design and survey activities

Design and survey activities

The Institute carries out land surveying, geodetic, land valuation work. Among the areas of the project work are: the organization of the territory of the communities, the establishment of boundaries of administrative-territorial entities, etc. In particular:

  • Conducting land surveying, land cadastral, land valuation and other works, surveys in the sphere of land use and land protection.
  • Topographic, geodetic and cartographic activities performed on the basis of remote sensing of the Earth.
  • Developing urban designs and documantation
  • Topographic and current location changes
  • Development of documentation for the operation of the united territorial communities
  • Formation of communal land
  • Development of programs for the land use and land protection in settlements, districts and areas.
Information and analytical developments

Information and analytical developments

One of the directions of the Institute’s activities is to provide information and analytical services on the use of geoinformation technologies in the sphere of land relations. In particular:

  • Development of geographic information systems and models of land development in Ukraine, land management for the formation of sustainable land use in rural and urban areas.
  • Development of spatial, statistical, and administrative data technology.
  • Data transfer from paper to digital form.
  • Creating and transforming geospatial data
  • Use of geospatial data as a platform for sustainable spatial development of rural and urban areas in the geospatial data infrastructure ideology.

The leadership of the institute

Dorosh Yosyp Myroslavovych


Doctor of Economics, professor, corresponding member of NAAS

Tarnopolskyi Andrii Vilianovych

Deputy director

Ibatullin Shamil

Deputy Director for Research

Doctor of Economics, professor, academician of NAAS

Kharytonenko Roman

Scientific secretary